Toroidal Choke Cores


Iron Based Amorphous Toroidal Choke Cores

Gap Toroidal Core  (GTC)

Toroidal choke cores are manufactured with iron-based amorphous alloy Metal Ribbon.  They offer a unique combination of ultra-high saturation induction, high energy storage capability and low core loss for high frequency magnetic components which are significantly smaller than conventional components.

-Toroidal Choke Cores Characteristics

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-Toroidal Choke Cores Application and Benefits


IRON BASED AMORPHOUS magnetic toroidal choke cores are ideally suited for a diverse range of applications such as:

  • DC output inductors
  • Power factor correction chokes
  • Differential mode input chokes
  • Flyback transformers
IRON BASED AMORPHOUS magnetic toroidal choke cores are specifically designed to exhibit a dc hysteresis loop resulting in the following important benefits:
  • Linear Permeability - over a wide range of magnetizing force
  • High Saturation Flux Density (1.56 T)
  • Significant Size Reduction - due to high saturation induction
  • Low Temperature Rise - due to low losses
  • Low loss - resulting from micro-thin IRON BASED AMORPHOUS ribbon (22um)

-Toroidal Choke Cores (Standard Core Size Table and Ordering Info)

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