UMNCC-cores are manufactured with nanocrystalline iron based amorphous alloy. These cores provide high saturation flux density & very low losses as compared to the other conventional magnetic material. These cores are suitable for power transformer or inductor used in high frequency application


Multicut Nano C core

-Nanocrystalline C-Cores


UMNCC-cores provide following important benefits:
 High saturation Flux density (1.25T)
 Low temp rise due to very low losses
 Very Low core loss- 1/4th of iron based amorphous
 Very low audible noise


 X-ray generators
 Inductors in PV cells, fuel cells, etc.
 High frequency transformers,
 Power factor correction chokes (UPS & SMPS)
 Current transformers
 Pulse transformers
 Power supplies of Welding Equipment
 Solar and wind power generators.

-Nanocrystalline C-Cores (Standard Core Size Table and Ordering Info)