Nanocrystalline Blocks



Blocks are manufactured with iron based Nanocrysatlline alloy.These blocks offer a unique combination of high saturation induction, high permeability and low losses.
These Blocks can be arranged in different layouts.

Output Filter or Inductor cores in High Frequency & High Power (generally >50KW), Solar, Hybrid Automobiles, Railway Powers and wind inverter.


High Saturating Flux Density (Reducing volume and weight of the core)
Low core loss —Lower temperature rising, higher efficiency of the transformer
High Permeability
Excellent temperature stability —Keep stable working at -50'C-130'C for long time

-Product Identification

Part Number                       L (mm)    W (mm)    H (mm)
Am/Nano Block XXX             30 - 350    15-142    10-80Am

Amo - Amorphours Nano-
Nanocrystalline XXX
- Block Lenth, Width & Hieght Respectively